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The Hidden Cost of Cheap Pizza


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The Hidden Cost of Cheap Pizza

Melanie Wong | Jun 5, 2016 10:33 AM

"...But such extremely low prices are not sustainable. When food prices go that low, Conti argued, someone — almost certainly a worker — is getting stiffed.

'We’re not responsible consumers when we buy four pizzas for $20 and tip $3 to the delivery person, if that,' Conti told HuffPost. 'If we’re getting that much of a bargain, someone somewhere is paying the price. We have to realize this is no way to have an economy that works for everybody and is robust.'

Of course, not all pizza restaurants have spotty records on worker’s issues, so there is reason to be hopeful..."

The Hidden Cost Of Cheap Pizza

Sorry to say it, but America's favorite comfort food is anti-worker.
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