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Hey vegetarians and vegans - would you eat test tube meat?

Morton the Mousse | May 14, 200803:36 PM

And while we're at it, would any of you omnivores eat it?

PETA recently put up a $1 million prize to the first company to create a commercially viable test tube meat. The meat would be produced through the growth of tissue cultures. I'm curious if the vegetarians and vegans out there would eat this meat, as no animal would be harmed in the production process. For the sake of argument, we can speculate that the production technique is also environmentally benign.


Not really interested in a discussion of the pros and cons of test tube meat, more curious if there is even a market for this stuff.

Until they find a way to replicate the flavor and texture of kurobuta pork or pasture raised beef and lamb you can count me out.

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