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herbie43 | Apr 21, 201204:42 PM

Push cart knishes sold in the Bushwick secton of Brooklyn during the 1950's. I gew up on Himrod Street between Central and Evergreen ave and I remember those big round knishes sold from a guy that pushed a cart that only had a salt shaker on it. He pushed that cart from George street and all over my neighborhood.

I have been trying to get the recipe for it ever since i read the book by Vincent Schiavelli called "Brooklina America) Mr. schiavelli was an actor and cook book author. He was in the film Ghost and played the dead person who taught Patrick Swayzie how to kick the can in the subwat scene. He grew up in brooklyn where I lived and he talks about all the streets and schools that i grew up with

I just joinedf ChowHound and i ran across a post from 2011 and this person mentioned the knisih man from the Bushwick section. I tried to answer him and ask about the recipe but i was unable to do so because i had not joined up but now that i am a member i cannot find his post.

Can anyone tell me how i can get back to that board so that i can try to find this person.


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