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Are you a herb, spice and seasoning junkie?


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Are you a herb, spice and seasoning junkie?

Monica | Aug 28, 2014 09:08 AM

On my recent visit to a Persian market in NY, I walked out with a bottle of pomegranate syrup(I assume it's the same as molasses), a bottle of rose water, a bottle of za'atar and smoked Hungarian paprika. I also wanted to pick up dried limes they had but decided not to.
On my recent trip to Whole food, I picked up a jar of cardomom. At home, I must have at least 2-3 different bottles of thyme and rosemary. I have bottles and packages of seasonings and spices in my pantry, in my kitchen cabinet...and other places. I have 10 yrs old jerk seasonings from Caribbean, packets of various Greek spices from Greece....and old spices from trips from places. I have some Chinese spices like star anise and 5 spice powders for bbq.
I fell in love with za'atar and have been using it a lot...i especially love it in sauteed onion. There are other spices I'd love to purchase like dukkah. I just get so greedy!

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