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Hell's Kitchen 3/20/14 spoilers

Firegoat | Mar 21, 201408:48 AM

Oh show. I so want to be over you, but I keep watching. I don't know why. A gimmicky competition of riding tricycles to get to the table where they do such chef-y tasks as shucking oysters, breaking down chicken, fileting fish. Could have used more time watching the chef-y things than watching adults ride tiny tricycles. Alas. The guys win, with the reward being dinner with Ramsay, plus cruising around the city on segways. Actually looks pretty fun. If I had balls I'd probably give my left nut for an informal lunch with Ramsay, so....
Back to service. Pretty horrible all the way around. The guys are slightly less horrible than the women altho they would like to serve some raw chicken to the guests. It's PINK!
Everyone gets thrown out of the kitchen, including cute little tiny Ralph, who wistfully asks Chef if he can stay as they are thrown out.
Lots of bitching and belly aching later and the guy put up 2 guys who I haven't bothered to learn their names yet because I figure they are all crap cannon fodder at this point, and the women put up two girls.
One of which is the tearful Beth, a 40 something who we got to watch shameless flirt with another older contestant at the beginning of the show. Leaning over showing all the cleavage and offering to cook him an omelet at 4 am..... just awkward. After everyone tells chef they are a fighter and they learn from their mistakes yada yada yada.... Ramsay picks Nicole (who wasn't nominated) and tells her to get out. No good job, no keep your head up high, basically just get the hell out and now. I'm not arguing with his choice and ignoring the nominees because I thought she should have been bounced the first episode for her crap attitude. Just makes you wonder if there is even more going on that we didn't see.
Oh well, its hard to watch this early on because you don't know or care who anyone is ... and the ones that do stand out you can pretty much be guaranteed will be going out in an arc in the next 3 episodes or so.

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