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What the heck: Cash only restaurants??? [ Moved from Ontario ]


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What the heck: Cash only restaurants??? [ Moved from Ontario ]

vorpal | Jun 1, 2007 03:34 PM

Am I the only one who's getting increasingly frustrated at how many of Toronto's less pricey establishments (and grocery stores) are cash only? I don't usually carry cash with me and I'd strongly prefer not to. In my neighbourhood alone, I'd say that at least 25% of the dining options within a ten minute walk from my house only accept cash. Hearing "cash only" usually just irritates me and makes me lose my desire to frequent a place.

I was going to go to Ghali Kitchen tonight, but on a whim I phoned them and asked, and yes, cash only. My nearest bank machine is a good 20 minute walk away, too: not worth the effort for dinner for one who doesn't have a car.

If people here think about it, when mentioning a restaurant that's cash only, I think that I and others would greatly appreciate if that fact could be mentioned so that we are not caught unaware. (At least, I know that I'd be very thankful!)

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