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Which is the Better Heavy-duty Knife?

shezmu | Jan 1, 201205:54 AM

Okay, so I was thinking to myself trying to plot out my future knife purchases and I noticed that I don't have a beater knife in my queue. So I was wondering, and hopefully others will benefit from the answers, What makes a better general purpose heavy duty knife, a deba or a cleaver? Based off of what I currently know about knifes, I know I need the knife to be stainless and have a wide or blunt edge.

That's said, Is a deba better at cutting lobster, pitting seeds, cutting bone and the like or should I stick with a cleaver? For those of you who are interested, I'm looking to get a 240mm Gyuto (not a laser), a ~150mm petty, a 270-300mm sujihiki, and a 10 inch bread knife, with all the knives being carbon steel.

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