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Heavy Cream vs. Butter vs. Whipped Cream vs. Frosting

nooodles | Nov 1, 200511:08 AM

A post on the SF board got me wondering: how does one make butter at home? I remember as a kid my sisters' teacher told them to bring home a jar of cream (and salt?) and shake like crazy until they made butter.

So, is butter just whipped cream without all that air whipped into it with a whisk? This is the closest I can figure, since butter becomes something fluffy and creamy (aka. frosting) when you whip sugar into it.

A website explaining the scientific process would be wonderful, unless someone can explain it quickly here in laymen's terms. I Googled homemade butter and got all kinds of complicated processes without any explanation of how cream becomes all these different products.

See, America? This is what happens when home ec and a healthy appreciation for making your own food disappears from the culture. You get people like me, who don't really know where butter comes from.

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