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How do you use all these heavy cookwares?

rubenhan | Mar 21, 201201:04 PM

Hi everyone,

I was looking around William-Sonoma to buy "premium" cookwares such as all-clad pans and pots.

Holy moly.

How are they so heavy? How do you even cook with these?

I'm a fairly strong man whose weightlifting record is in the 99% percentile for my weight class, but I wouldn't cook with these cookwares. Simply too heavy.

My mother who has cooked for around 30 years was shocked at the weight. She can't even fathom how she'll be able to nimbly move around the kitchen cooking with these cookwares. She told me this is the main reason she didn't purchase any of the high-end cookware such as Fissler or All-clad.

I have a fairly heavy Calphalon chef's pan. When I fill that up with water to cook pasta, I can't even pick it up with one hand. It's ridiculous heavy.

I was expecting expensive cookwares to be light and transfer heat evenly. I guess the heavy weight transfer heat evenly, but when it comes to weight, it is a big no no.

So here are my questions.

1) Why are all the expensive cookware so heavy?

2) How do you even cook with those?

I'm itching to hear your opinions.

Thank you

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