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I heart the Border Cafe

jessicheese | Feb 2, 200808:47 AM

After yet another trip to the Border Cafe for dinner, I decided to post about how much I adore this place. I do find it weird that it's a "chain" but is so spread out. We go to the Delaware location, which is the only one in the tri-state area.

Thing I love #1- Huge glasses of water (less need for refills) and the Texas Margarita. One and I'm cheerful, two and I'm handing the keys over.

Thing I love #2- Chips and Salsa. I worked at ChiChis all through college and miss their homemade salsa. BC's version is better IMO.

Thing I love #3- the greatest salad dressing on the planet. I ordered the house salad on a whim and have never looked back. HUGE salad with lettuce, tomato, cabbage, cheese, and bacon. The ranch dressing has chunks of cojita cheese and the honey mustard.... oh, the honey mustard dressing is like crack. My big burly man of a husband asks to go just there so he can get the salad!
I asked what brand they use and found out that all of the dressings are made in house. I'm not ashamed to admit that I now will ask for some to take home. I tip well and am quite pregnant, so it hasn't been a problem yet=)

Thing I love #4- Consistant product. I switch up my order frequently, but my husband gets the cadillac fajitas every single time and it comes out the same every single time. There's something to be said for that.

Thing I love #5- Cheap, cheap, cheap. Not many places offer entrees between $5-15 these days. We can go to town and still spend under $40 after tip.

So, I haven't seen many posts about them and thought I'd share!

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