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Anyone heard of mother and son (MAS) tomatoes?

Clarkafella | Jun 23, 2012 04:51 PM

A year or two ago, we were in Clinton, Louisiana for an event and picked up some tomatoes at the local grocery store- they were tagged as being mas tomatoes. Got them home and found them to be the best damn tomatoes my wife and I had ever eaten!

I wanted to try growing some, but an internet search turned up nothing but references to "marker assisted selection" tomatoes, and I'm almost positive that isn't what we want.

I have a friend from the area and I asked him to do a little research. He found some in the local store and agreed that they were the best damn tomatoes he had ever had! But he couldn't find out anything about them other than the first batch he bought were grown in Liberty, MS, and the second batch were grown in Greensburg, LA. Both places are in very close proximity to Clinton.

My friend did ask around and one of the locals said that they were "mother and son" tomatoes, and also agreed that they were the best around.He knew they were grown locally but didn't know much else...

Does anyone have a clue about these things?

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