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Just how much more (or less) healthy is deep frying vs others


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Just how much more (or less) healthy is deep frying vs others

lmbgm | Sep 16, 2010 02:05 PM

I know that when deep frying, if done properly and with the right oil, not much oil is added due to the steam barrier. As I was putting some frozen breaded chicken nuggets in the oven the other day, I wondered just how much of a difference it would be if I deep fried them. I figure in the oven, no oil is added but some amount may drip off. If I deep fried, the added oil would be whatever doesn't drip off the outer coating after I take it out and whatever gets absorbed by the breading. Are there any articles that actually measure this difference?
Also, I am curious about the difference between pan frying a chicken and deep frying. When I pan fry, I need to flip the chicken over once. I have much less oil so I'm not sure if the steam barrier effect occurs on the parts that touch the oil. It seems that the entire piece of chicken gets coated with oil anyways so would it be equivalent, or even worse?

It would be nice to see some actual numbers so I can get an idea of what the actual difference is.

The other method I use to cook chicken is grilling it. ofcourse, I dont get the crisp effect, but it seems like it is the healthiest way.


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