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"Healthful" baking/desserts--best cookbooks?


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"Healthful" baking/desserts--best cookbooks?

The Dairy Queen | May 18, 2010 02:44 PM

I would like to do more baking, but would like to pursue "healthful" baking, if possible.

I've written this post a half dozen times, then keep back-spacing out of it because I know it's such a broad, open-to-interpretation kind of question. Also, I'm sure it's come up in the past, so, you're all probably tired of the topic. Nevertheless, I'm asking. My reasons for "healthful" baking have to do with keeping my weight and cholesteral at healthy levels and warding off the scary specter of type II diabetes that seems to run in my family.

So, by "healthful" I mean some combination of the below (not necessarily all at the same time):

-Using more whole grains and less "refined" grains
-Using minimal sugar
-Using less fat, particularly butter and lard
-Using fruits and nuts

What are your sources for these kinds of recipes? Any particular favorites?

Thanks in advance! I hope this isn't too tedious a question.


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