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Health Board Topics, Deletion, etc

fmed | May 2, 200810:53 AM

We had a thread in the Western Canada Boards talking about the Calgary Health Board fining T&T Supermarket for storing Chinese BBQ meats at room temperature...as is the custom for this type of food. The thread was deleted, but I believe that this is an important issue. I see parallels to all the talk about raw milk, unpasteurized cheeses, foie gras, etc.

It would be a shame if Calgary was forced to settle for refrigerated (or worse, steam tabled) BBQ meats which would render this food inedible. As a lover of Chinese BBQ, I feel a need to address this.

So how could we talk about this type of thing without thread deletion? This is not a mere "Heath Board shuts restaurant due to violations" type of thing. It's much bigger than that.

This is what I'm talking about:


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