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Hazan Drunken Pork Problem


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Hazan Drunken Pork Problem

djdownie | May 2, 2009 04:24 PM

I'm cooking my way through Essentials. Last night I cooked drunken pork. Two issues:
1) Marcella calls for 1.5 cups of wine, but then says add more if need to in order to almost cover. In almost any pot with a chunk of pork you will need more than that. I ended up using over 1 bottle.

2) This may relate to 1, but it took me a lot longer to reduce the wine to a syrup as per the instructions. My real problem is once this was done it tasted sharp and a bit like vinegar. This meant the pork did not taste as good as it would have tasted if I had just baked it with some salt. Is this the way it should taste, or did all my wine lead to this? It tasted great when there was still about a half a pot of the stuff. I couldn't serve this to anyone and would not cook again as is.

I don't want to give up on cooking pork on the stove like this. As I said, I'm trying to cook my way through the book (posting on my blog) but I've only hit one winner so far and that was the braised chicken with red cabbage. I really want this to work. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much


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