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Hawaiian Themed Bridal Shower


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Hawaiian Themed Bridal Shower

Laura | Apr 26, 2005 10:07 PM

I am having a Hawaiian themed bridal shower for my sister in Mid-May. Given the number of people invited, I am only expecting a turn-out of about 10 or so. I picked the Hawaiian theme because that is where my sister is going on her honeymoon. However, I don't really know a lot about Hawaiian food, and have had some difficulty coming up with recipes.
The shower is technically a "dessert shower," meaning that I am planning on making several desserts (a mix of individual as well as full-sized), but I would also like to have a few savory things as well to balance things. Preferably, I'd like to keep it vegetarian, since both she and I are vegetarians, but have already settled on a crab dip recipe, so seafood or one or two meat items are an option. I am not looking for entrees...simply snacky foods, salads, veggies, etc. If anyone has any ideas for either particular recipes or simply certain ingredients that they think should be incorporated into a Hawaiian style party, I'd be very appreciative. I am doing a bit better on desserts than I am on savory items but if anyone knows of any Hawaiian dessert recipes they'd like to share, I'd also be much obliged. Preferably, I am looking for all of the recipes to be pretty good at room temperature (or at least not requiring being steaming hot or freezing cold to be good). Oh, and of course, there will be cocktails, so if anyone has good Hawaiian drink recipes, I'd love those too. I am also trying to find recipes for non-alcoholic layered drinks, but have had some difficulty. Thanks!

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