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Hawaiian Fast Food - L & L Hawaiian Barbeque

Stanley Stephan | Feb 2, 200307:26 PM     4

So I'm buying a bag of diet cat food at Mission Plaza Shopping Center in Daly City as both the cat and I are on a diet. There are signs all over announcing the grand opening of L & L, so I decide to check it out.

It seems it is a chain that is expanding onto the Mainland. As Plate Lunches, fried food and Spam compromise most of the menu, I look for the least lethal entree to my diet and settle for a barbeque beef sandwich ($2.89).

First let me tell you that at 3pm on Sunday the place was packed. And this seemed to be comfort food to many of the teens in the place.

The girl in back of me first decided on on Chicken Katsu and then bubbled, "Look, they have Loco Moco".

At another table a boy was digging into his Loco Moco and practically moaning, "Man, there's nothing better than this". Someone else was really happy with their pork chop.

L & L describes Loco Moco as "Grilled home-made burger topped with two eggs and gravy-all-over. Try it with tabasco. Ooh-la-la!!! "

Other specialties include "The best saimin noodles from Hawaii", breaded mahi mahi, Beef or Shrimp Curry, Hawaiian BBQ Shortribs, Fried Shrimp, and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken.

The place has a bright cheery chain look to it with a bulletin board posted with Hawaaian events in the area and news. Hawaaian tunes play.

A review from last year in Restaurant News that sat on the counter talked about the expansion of this restaurant. I found it interesting that the RN said the plate lunch probably was derived from the Japanese bento box ... only in white styrofoam.

So, while BN talked about the franchise opportunity, no one talked about the actual food.

Let me say I enjoyed quite a few plate lunches in Honolulu. I'm not opposed to Spam and enjoy it every few years or so.

I may have made a bad choice though. I mean Hawaii isn't really known for their beef, eh? Yet still, one would think with the word "Barbeque" as part of the restaurant's name, this would be what they do well, right?

The thinly sliced beef in a sauce that was amazingly both way too salty and too sweet and was extremely grisly at the same time. My jaw got quite a work out trying to chew the paper thin slices. It sat on a decent hamburger bun, with mayo, anemic iceburg, a tomato slice and nice thick onion slice.

I will curse the fact that I may have even gained an ounce because of this sandwich. Definately not worth jeopardizing the diet. Somewhere on the way back to SF on 280, as the sandwich settled with a thud in the bottom of my stomach, splashing acid all around, in the first time in my fat little life, I seriously contemplated bulemia. I really wanted to be rid of this sandwich. (And I apoligize in advance to anyone who has this condition. Yes I know it is serious. I am not making light of the condition itself).

Again, I may have ordered wrong. Lot's of people seemed happy. Has anyone else tried the place and found things they liked on the menu? There are a few other locations in the bay area.

Prices are really rock bottom. As to the Fast Food part of it, well, there's a certain casualness to it. There's about a ten minute wait. An amazing display of white styrofoam trays is stacked on the counter.

Link: http://www.lldriveinn.com/index.htm

Image: http://www.lldriveinn.com/bottom.gif

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