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New Haven Advocate Reader's Poll: 2008 results

Scargod | Jun 7, 200810:54 AM

Just looked at these and while some are no surprise, others amaze me. Does anyone know how the results come out the way they do? Who votes? Is there ballot stuffing? Do any restos encourage customers and customer's friends to vote for them? Does anyone care?
This is an annual thing so I guess the Advocate thinks it's worthwhile.

Anomolies (IMHO) I've noticed:
A Jamaican/Caribbean restaurant called "Mother's" that I've never heard of and seems to have almost no internet presence and certainly not on CH.
Aunt Chilada's: I think any Mexican food afficianado would gag at the thought of eating there. Do they sell beer to underaged Yalies? I just don't get it.
Miya's: ate there once; terrible service and mediocre food. Seemed cliqueish with some getting good service. They do have a bar "vibe".
Mamoun's: ate there a couple of times and thought it was nothing special.
Temple Grill for outdoor dining. I guess I need to see what that's about... Scoozi and L'Orcio are awfully nice. They got second and third...
Can Barcelona really have a better wine list than Central Steakhouse? It didn't even make the list. Bentara and 116 Crown came in second and third. I've not tried 116 Crown.
I've never heard of Sitar, which came in third for Indian food!
Som Siam is very good but The Rice Pot didn't make the list and here, on CH, it is favored over Thai Taste, which was third.

I've never heard of the Greek Olive. Are there any other Greek restos in NH? Same for Athenian Diner on Whalley.

I agree with most of the rest and think Geronimos is best new resto. Don't know Caseus...anyone? Looks very interesting.
Lenny's and Chowder Pot in Branford? Are they that good (first and second)? Pacifico was third, and I think it's pretty good.

Can anyone enlighten me about any of this or any of the one's I've never heard of?

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