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I hate to be this unimaginative, but post-research, pre-trip, might you celebrate or lampoon our choices?

unclefishbits | Apr 26, 2012 08:40 AM

Hi All! I know you are self aware, but I don't know if you realize how many people you reach, and help. I think it's like 90% of people who use social media don't type a word, and just consume *your* content.... *we* all really appreciate it.

I am a half-hearted lurker... I always end up posting when I can't help it and get giddy. So I thought I would run by our very simple couple days in Paris, and heed your advice, while omitting the more prosaic destinations like markets, bakeries, etc. Point - we are masters at queuing, and are happily patient people. We will cook in our apartment at some point, and our days are less planned... more La Flâneur, than anything. Lots of picnics and gardens, but that's about it. Thoughts?

Sun 6th - a fun Brunch http://emperornorton.com/en/about/ put on my some friends of mine. I only drop it in here because some of you might enjoy the pop up experience at Coutume Café.

Sun 6th night: Bofinger. Is it too rigid and tired? Is it still a quaint & worthwhile slice of old Paris? We have a proper rez here. A friend mentioned this may be "chain-y" at this point, and recommended Bistrot du Dôme? Thoughts?

Mon 7th - 7p on the dot, slide into the Frenchie Wine Bar, and hope for a cancellation. If not, my friend says you can eat the menu at the wine bar --> http://twitter.com/#!/tavallai/status...

Is there a local back up rez I should consider? In your experience is the Wine Bar a viable option?

Tues 8th - 2nd seating at Le Chateaubriand. We are going to arrive quite early and enjoy their bar.

Wed 9th - Spring for Lunch.

I will *promise* to write up the entire thing... but any red flags? Any thing we should miss, or anything we should be aware of in ordering? I saw that La Cinq offered champagne at the beginning of the meal (I would think that to be complimentary), but it was 33E a glass? We have saved up, I like to think money isn't at issue (and it's not I guess), but that would sour my experience a bit. My wife is fluent... so I doubt we will get caught off guard?

edit: I am going to update the below as you all help me. =)

Backup restaurants that we also, likely, can't get into...... =)
L'Ami Jean
Chez Georges
La Fontaine de Mars

new: Le Cinq
Terroir Parisien

Now I move on to the daunting task of Luberon. I also feel nervous that I am about a week or two off securing proper reservations! Eeek!

Picture related: it's how excited I feel.

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