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I Hate Plastic!

kaleokahu | Dec 4, 2013 11:22 AM

Yesterday I started on a path toward mental health by exchanging my polycarbonate fat separator http://www.culinarycookware.com/fat-s... for a borosilicate glass one. http://www.vermontgift.com/inc/sdetai... I had used that plastic POS exactly *twice*--on successive Thanksgivings--before it cracked and leaked.

Thankfully, my friendly local brick-n-mortar kitchen store allowed me to return it for a store credit toward the glass one.

Yes, the fine print always says not to put hot liquids in the poly ones, but really...who completely cools their drippings before making gravy?

Now then, next step, anyone know of a good V-shaped measuring beaker done in borosilicate?


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