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Hasselback potatoes and a butter question ?


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Hasselback potatoes and a butter question ?

Buddernut | Dec 3, 2007 07:58 AM

Hi Chowers: I am making Hasselback potatoes for Xmas dinner (a potatoe that is peeled and sliced at intervals, but not all the way through, so it looks like an accordian) then roasted. Does anyone know if it matters if you used a Russet, Idaho or Yukon. I typically buy Yukons because I find them more all purpose for mashing, shredding, cubing, frying, and potato salads. Any feedback is appreciated....Now, Part Deaux: I know when you clarify butter you remove fat solids... so does the end product have less fat... and therefore would clarified butter be helpful for someone on a lowfat diet or in baking. I'm sure if fat solids are removed, it would take away from a baked recipe... Just a ponderable if anyone has a thought... Thanks :)

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