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Hash browns--reporting back


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Hash browns--reporting back

Sonia | Apr 4, 2002 04:22 AM

I took the advice of some of you who responded to my previous inquiry on hash browns (thank you for your helpful suggestions) and have come up with a satisfactory solution: shred, rinse, blot dry (but not wring) before cooking. I tried this method and found the hash browns less gummy but still starchy enough to stick together. I think this is the easiest & least cumbersome method. I also tried the Joy of Cooking method of dicing the potatoes into 1/4" and not soaking. I liked it ok but I preferred the texture of shredded potatoes. The little pieces of potatoes kept getting lost in my mouth! I also found all that cutting rather time-consuming. Shredding is no fun either when you're using a manual grater but it was a little faster. I didn't try the parboiling method because I'm too lazy to go the extra step.

I don't think I'll be winning awards with these hash browns any time soon but at least they're acceptable.

By the way, somewhat unrelated, but the whole shredding thing got me thinking, is it worthwhile to invest in a food processor? I have a small one that came with my blender for chopping herbs & such, but it didn't come with the fancy attachments. I'm quite handy with the knife but every once in a while, I wish I had one of these. For those of you who own food processors, how often do you use them, honestly? I don't want another large appliance taking up shelf space if I'll only use it occasionally.

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