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Harvest Restaurant Group - Grato, Huntley Tavern, Roots, Tabor Road Tavern, 3 West + others


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Harvest Restaurant Group - Grato, Huntley Tavern, Roots, Tabor Road Tavern, 3 West + others

Curlz | Feb 6, 2010 11:55 AM

I'm curious to know if people have been to m/any of the restaurants in this group. Until last week, I had only been to one (Huntley), and it was for a business lunch. I recall liking the vibe but hadn't been back. Thanks to a bizarre set of circumstances, I found myself at 3 of the group's restaurants within the last week, and since I've been discussing this with non-food pals so much, thought I'd throw it out to this crew. I’ll say up front that I’m not putting this topic up for bashing purposes…I just keep mulling my experiences over in my brain and wonder if others agree or feel otherwise. Please weigh in and tell me if I’m missing something!

Overall, here’s my take: they’re a) trying too hard, b) trying to be something they’re not, and c) overpriced (more in Summit than at the others) than they should be based on the food.

Their ‘structure’ is to have two waiters working together per table (I dined as 2, 3, and 4 and that was consistent)…but the waiters don’t seem to communicate with one another, so what’s the point? I ordered a drink and 2 mins later the other waiter was there asking me if I had decided on one—stuff like that.

They overoverOVER walk you through the menu and the specials. At Huntley, we wondered if we were to be taken to the kitchen for a test on how every dish that had been described was made! My biggest “WOW” was when the guy at Tabor Road Tavern told us we were “in for a great meal (that part is fine)…the food here is exceptional!” Call me crazy, but you’ve just set yourselves up for serious scrutiny when you open with that. And while the food isn’t bad, it’s not exceptional. My opinion. Caveat: we LOVED the shredded

After dinner at Tabor Road, one of my friends asked the order in which I’d rate the 3 different places, and I honestly couldn’t answer. The service at all of them bugged me, the food at all of them was fine but not even ‘terrific,’ and I loved the décor in each one. I guess I was hoping to love at least one of the overall. The IDEA of them is good…

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