When and how should I "harvest" herbs?


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When and how should I "harvest" herbs?

queenscook | Jun 1, 2010 03:06 PM

I am a very unknowledgeable novice. I bought a variety of herbs and replanted them in windowboxes that are on my sunny back porch. I would like to have them fill out and be able to use them all summer, but I don't know exactly how to achieve that. Do I just pull/cut leaves off as I need them, or do I take a whole stem? If I take the stem, where do I cut it? Right now there aren't too many stems, so if I take one off, will I get more? Also, should I wait until I need the herb, or should I "harvest" without needing it. In other words, does cutting some off encourage the rest to grow? I know these may sound like stupid questions of a total newbie, but I would hate to kill a whole plant, or prevent its growth, by taking pieces off in the wrong way. Here's what I have, in case the specific varieties matter: basil, a couple varieties of mint, tarragon, oregano, lemon verbena, dill, and rosemary.

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