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Hartford Courant pulls controversial review

rbailin | Feb 29, 200811:23 AM

In yesterday's (Feb 28, 2008) Hartford Courant, Elissa Altman provided a rather critical review of a Torrington, CT eatery, Prime Steakhouse. Apparently she had trouble with her dining experience from beginning to end, from being unable to nail down a reservation to well-done steaks that were ordered medium-rare.

Somebody in management must have disagreed that a reviewer's opinions are her own, because the review was pulled from the courant.com website. The Googled cached version is still available at this time at

Although I think the lead-in about the reservation is a bit over-the-top, and the comments about "outrageous prices" don't quite jibe with the sidebar that steaks are $24 to $27, I think she writes accurately about her dining experience. So what's the problem? Is the paper's management that afraid of controversy?


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