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its getting harder and harder to buy real food


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its getting harder and harder to buy real food

mrranchcuisine | Jun 20, 2001 12:34 PM

iam not talking about high end gourmet organic stuff even. have you noticed in the grocery stores its almost impossible to find some real foods.

for instance my local store carries 10 kinds of "lite" chream cheese or "lowfat" or sugar free decafinated cream cheese but only one little hard to find package of real cream cheese.

same situation with yogurt, look for kiwi flavored with candy sprinkles and you have 8 varieties but try to find plain yogurt and when you do its in the 2 qt size.

i needed egg noodle the other day and counted 7 yolkless brands and one real. did the nation suddenly all become alergic to egg?

sugarfree tonicwaters in the same style packaging as regular.

i mean i pay attention to lables i read them to be certain they are what i want but i still wind up periodicaly bringing home some nonalcoholic beer, something sugar or fat free and it really pisses me off.

i think the only solution is for stores to create a "real" food aisle in a small section of the store and fill the rest with todays healthful Lite decaffinated,safe flavor free foods.

has anyone else had trouble like this or am i going insane or do i simply need to have a calming cup of decafchai with nonfat milk and a carmel nonfat popcorn cake.

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