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Happy Belly Guides for ice cream and gelato?


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Happy Belly Guides for ice cream and gelato?

Carb Lover | Oct 20, 2005 10:45 PM

I learned of the Happy Belly guide to gelato in Italy a while ago, but just learned that they recently published ice cream guides for different regions of the US: west coast, midwest, east coast (see link). Their website intro sounds very much in tune w/ my Chowhound philosophy.

Does anyone have personal experience w/ these books? They're sold on Amazon, but only the East Coast one has reviews (very positive so far). I'm most interested in the West Coast one since I live in CA, but the other ones would be great for traveling. Am also thinking they'd make great little gifts. Has anyone seen these at the McBookstores like Borders or B&N? Thanks for any info!


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