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What's happened to orange juice?

zackly | May 15, 2017 07:06 AM

Unfortunately, I can no longer indulge in OJ due to diabetes. I miss it very much! My wife suddenly is drinking OJ so I've been buying the brand on sale at my local supermarket. Tropicana, Minute Maid, Florida Natural, Simply Orange etc. My only requirement is that it is "not from concentrate" as the marketers have brainwashed me into thinking it is better but I don't know if it necessarily true. Tropicana Pure Premium used to be the gold standard of the large national brands. It was great. I've sampled what I've bought recently and they all taste watery to me. Maybe it's my elderly taste buds but I don't think so in this case. Is anyone else noticing this too? Are there any good national brands? Might it have something to do with a poor orange crop? Should I consider "from concentrate variety? Thanks!

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