Site Feedback 14

What happened to the Navigation Bar?

masha | Mar 5, 201803:42 PM

CH seems to have once again adopted some "new & improved" changes to the navigation bar that runs across of the top of the page. Why, oh, why? It's very confusing.

And, most problematically, CH has eliminated the "lightning rod" symbol for the"Latest" Discussions that used to be found on the nav bar if you simple scrolled down a small amount from the top of any thread. The link to the Latest that appears in the right hand margin is not sufficient: if you have been reading a really long thread and want to go to the "Latest," you used to be able to simple click on "back to the top" that appears in the bottom right column, and from there click on the lightning rod symbol on the nav bar. But, now, once you get to the top, you have to scroll down for a very long ways to find the link in the right column for the "Latest." Please bring back the lightning rod on the Nav Bar.

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