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Whatever happened to............? The forgotten glories of yesterday.

John Talbott | Aug 28, 201309:44 AM

Today, I ate with an old colleague-friend in the food biz at Le Griffonnier in the 8th; Why? Because at 11 AM he was sitting in the dentist's office with his iPhone battery on life-support and I knew I'd better agree to something or I'd go hungry. So, remembering it positively from the years before I had a blog, took pix and wrote detailed reports of meals, I made a rez with minimal enthusiasm and we went. And you know what? It was great.
So what's my point? It's that, in the rush to go to "the" hottest restaurant in Paris today, whether blessed by the NYT or CH or whatever, and the list is here for all to read: Spring, Septime, Frenchie, Chez L'Ami Jean, Chez Denise, the Paul Bert Three, The Christian Constant Trio and occasional outliers like Les Papilles or Maceo - we contribute to the sense that any other place is less worthy. What's shameful is that folks (arrogant Americans no doubt) make reservations at these hot spots and either never show or cancel at the last minute, which for a place with 20-40 covers, is killing when it's at a level of 10-20%.
So my question here folks, is, why aren't we touting places, like Le Griffonnier, or ..., or ...., or....?
Except for Ptipois and Parigi, who try to move us out of the comfort zone, the lists of "Where I should go" are pretty predictable.
Shouldn't we all spread the news and choices a little wider and move seekers of info on CH out of the hot top 5-10? Or, as they say, should I just shadup?

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