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Hanna's Kuchenhouse Bakery, Modesto

susancinsf | Oct 7, 200907:03 AM

SF Chowhound Windy had tipped me off to Hanna's, which she had discovered on a trip to Yosemite, and suggested it might be a good bet to purchase dessert for the Chowhound picnic. A spot on recommendation. Here is my report on the Home Cooking Board (in the thread on picnic recipes: my recipe was stop at seven am on my drive west, pick up baked goods, keep driving :-)):


I mentioned Hanna's to a local colleague, and she said she used to go there when she was in high school, so the place has been around a long time and perhaps known to many hounds in the area. If not, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The baked goods are excellent, with a focus on traditional German items,and the prices are very reasonable. That apricot ring I brought to the picnic was delicious! Cookies were great too, and you can get a cookie card (buy a certain number of dozens, I think it is ten, they mark your card each time, and once the card is full you get a free dozen). Butter seems to be a predominate ingredient in a lot of the items, not that I am complaining... Windy says their pumpernickel bread is great, though I haven't tried it yet. I have been back once already and had a ham and cheese croissant: what made it a standout (in addition to lots of butter) was that the black forest ham and gruyere cheese inside were both of very high quality. Yumm!

There is an adjacent coffee shop that serves sandwiches made with their breads, along with a few salads, espresso drinks and the like. The colleague I mentioned above said that she couldn't resist a sandwich on their dutch crunch bread. You can also enjoy a pastry at small tables right in the bakery. Hanna's location is only a few blocks off of Highway 132, and also very close to 99.There are also spotless restrooms, so all in all this is a great morning or lunchtime pit stop if you are heading from the Central Valley to San Francisco or vice versa.

Per their website, Kuchenhouse means "Cake House" in German, and they specialize in special occaison cakes. I hope to have a chance to try one soon.

Definitely recommended.


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