Hanging Cast Iron Cookware

mingus2112 | Jan 6, 201501:15 PM     7

Hey guys - two part problem here. Both to do with hanging cast iron cookware. I want to hang my cast iron on the wall but haven't been successful finding the right hooks. I need them to be flush against the wall. The "Cup Hooks" i've found seem to be physically big enough, and claim to hold 20lbs, but they wouldn't go into the sheetrock enough to hit a stud. Talking it out, I could probably make it work with a wall anchor if someone can let me know for sure that something like this would hold the weight:


As you can see, the threaded part isn't very long. Maybe it would do well with a wall anchor?

I bought some pot hangers (designed to hang from the ceiling) but they weren't the right angle to sit right.

The second part of the question is dust. I'm out of space in our small kitchen and I need to hang them around the corner along the wall headed down into the basement. I'm concerned with dust in this area as it's under a set of stairs. Being cookware that has a thin layer of fat on it after cleaning, I would assume dust would be bad. Wouldn't be very easy to wipe off. Does anyone have an issue like this? Maybe fashion some foam bumpers that sit on the rim to keep the entire inner surface at an angle so it won't collect dust?

Any suggestions, tips or pictures of what you guys do would be much appreciated!


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