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Han Bat/Kang Nam Galbi

zim | Aug 17, 200111:59 AM     7

Hi folks,

I have had two separate recommendations for Han Bat, the Korean restaurant next to the Penguin ice cream joint. In both cases, the friend who recommended the place went with a native korean speaker who did the ordering. I stopped in after some ice cream to look at the menu and they don't have any english ones around (takeout or eat-in). I am very intrigued by this place now. Has anyone eaten there, have recommendations on what to order? I am loath to just go in and ask for what's good because I might get the "non-korean he won't like this" selection.

Anyway, with that being the case we headed to kang nam galbi which I have been to before and which a neighborhood shopkeeper had also recommended (it's on kedzie just north of lawrence in a little strip mall. The english signage is pretty small just in small letters on the door, its next to clark market). This is a very tasty bbq place - no gas grills they bring the coals to your table. As you would expect the Galbi was the star. Very nicely marinated and tasty. Beside our barbecue, we also had a seafood pa jun (kind of a cross between a pancake and thin omelette) which was just ok. On other occasions I have had the octopus dish that is cooked in the kitchen and it is great, spicy and full of juicy octopus. I have gone with a veggie before and we've always had enough banchan (the little side dishes of pickles and such)to make a full, tasty meal for her. Last night for a table of three we had about 10 dishes of banchan and all were pretty good. The service is a little spotty because its a big place and kind of understaffed and the english is not all that good, but I recommend if you're in the mood for korean bbq or if you never had korean this is a good fun intro (one of the folks I ate with was in that boat and he kept saying, this is really good guys, this is fun)

Afterwards, I went next door to clark market to grab some banchan from their banchan bar - lots of choices, from marinated crabs to 2 kinds of daikon. haven't eaten yet but it looked good last night. They also had these great large white peaches there - I'm not sure what variety they are, but they are firm but still very sweet with almost some melon characteristics about them. Anybody know anything about these?

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