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Will my ham and turkey dry out?


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Will my ham and turkey dry out?

CMB_NYC84 | Apr 14, 2017 11:02 AM

I mail ordered a ham and smoked turkey from Burger's Smokehouse (this is the first time i ordered the turkey,but in previous years the hams are delicious). The ham is already sliced, the turkey is of course whole. According to the directions, both should take about an hour to heat at 350.

I have people coming at 1:30 and i need the oven for other things at 12:45. If i pull the ham and turkey out of the oven at 12:30, slice and put into sterno trays to keep warm, do you think the turkey will stay moist? It would be served about 2:30. Will two hours being held in trays in sternos (the kind where you put the trays in a water bath) dry it out?

Alternatively, i can pull them from the oven at 12:30, cover well with foil, then just carve and serve at 2:30 and not bother with sternos at all. Neither one needs to be served burning hot, so...

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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