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Ham & Swiss -- Too much sweet!


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Ham & Swiss -- Too much sweet!

David Ford | Jun 8, 2006 04:46 PM


Lately, I find myself in a position where I am consuming mass quantities (one per day) of the following sandwich for lunch:


1. Sara Lee brand Sheepherder bread (no complaint here; just a decent quality white bread with a fairly well balanced flavor and texture)

2. Pepperidge Farm brand Honey Ham (Deli Select, Ultra Thin Sliced, 97% Fat Free with Natural Juices; not bad as far as sliced ham goes, a good flavor and texture but a tad on the sweet side)

3. Smart & Final house brand Swiss cheese slices (actually, a really good execution of the Swiss cheese paradigm; nutty and flavorful, but again, a tad on the sweet side -- not necessarily in a bad way, though)

4. French's yellow mustard


After I lay out my ingredients, I toast the bread and lightly butter each side. Then, I apply a thin layer of mustard to one side of the bread. Finally, I pile on a generous quantity of ham and two slices of the Swiss cheese.

On the side, I have a bag of Dirty brand Mesquite BBQ potato chips (a really excellent chip -- www.dirtys.com in case you have never tried them) and a few glasses of Southern-style sweet iced tea.

After all is prepared and consumed, I have to say of the above meal...


I mean, the sweet iced tea, the sweet honey ham, the sweet-ish taste of the Swiss cheese, even the normally perfectly balanced Mesquite BBQ flavored Dirty Chips (my favorite) seem to taste sweet!

As far as options, here is the run-down of that:

1. bread

No option here; this is what we 'got!

2. ham

Please see bread.

3. cheese

Please see ham.

4. mustard

I do have access to some Grey Poupon Dijon mustard in addition to the French's yellow, but have yet to try it. For some reason, the yellow mustard seems more appropriate for a Ham & Swiss sandwich.

5. Southern-style sweet tea

We always have a lot of this around, and since everyone likes it we pretty much drink it with most meals. There is also milk in the 'fridge, and ice water as well. Outside of Coca-Cola in cans, that's pretty much it.

6. chips

In addition to the Mesquite BBQ flavor, we also have some plain (lightly salted) flavor Dirty Chips.

My question to my fellow Home Cooking 'hounds is, "Considering my situation, how would you advise me to prepare and consume the ultimate Ham & Swiss sandwich lunch?"

I am tasting too much sweet! What can I do to balance things out in a hyperdelicious, Chowhoundly way?

Thanks for any help you could offer,


P.S. I live in Southern California, so my local access to many of the fine peppers and pepper-related products that you 'hounds do in other parts of the country may be limited. But if it could be ordered via telephone or Internet, I could be game.

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