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Ham and Cheese Croissant Question?

lmno101 | Aug 17, 201108:11 PM     34

I grew up eating ham and cheese croissants about every other weekend in southern california. Since then ham and cheese croissants have been my all time favorite break fast -and that's saying a lot because I usually don't eat before 10am. Now I have wanted to replicate that recipe so I can have them basically whenever I want and to share with company.

Where I live now there isn't any donut shop for miles. I did manage to go to one but the croissants they had came with the wrong cheese and didn't taste the same. That sort of brings me to my question.

I have attempted to make ham and cheese croissants but I never seem to get the right cheese. To be honest no cheese that I have come across has the same taste and consistency that I remember. It's definitely white and it melts beautifully into a milky savory almost sauce-like consistency. Its so milky that it often soaks into the bread.

I have searched all over the internet for a recipe or even an exited foodie-blog post about croissants that mention the right type of cheese. I have heard scattered advice to use Gruyere and then American but I've made batches with them and they aren't the right ones. They are good, don't get me wrong, but they aren't the same. I am thinking of trying swiss or maybe baby swiss next.

I have asked shop owners many times and they seem leery about giving me the right cheese - I have no idea why since different shops use the same cheese- I did once manage to get a nice shop owner to tell me she used mozzarella after some heavy flirting, but I am hesitant to try it since I know mozzarella well and I have never seen it taste the same or have the same consistency.

So, does anyone know the right cheese for those ham and cheese croissants that I love so much?

Oh and I am NOT talking about ham and cheese sandwiches. I am talking about the ones that have the ham and cheese baked inside.

Here is a pic of the what looks like the closest consistency that I am talking about.


Any good suggestions on which cheese to try next are appreciated. Thanks!

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