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Do you like to hae a bedtime or late night snack?

Miri1 | Nov 30, 2014 07:56 PM

i've always been a bedtime snacker. Nothing heavy, but I tend to get hungry during the night, and so my bedtime snsacking habit was born. Depending on my mood and hunger level, I might have a bow, of cereal (love me some Honey Smacks!) some instant mashed potatoes with butter, a piece ofo cheese toast, or, my current favorite, a cup of hot tea with a cookie or marble cake from a local bakery. Of course, a nice icy glass of seltzer ofr juice will sub nicely for the hot tea, even in winter. Provided, of course, there is actually ice in the cup!

What's your bedtime or late night snack of choice? Or are you of those lucky, disciplined people who eat dinner and require nothing else till morning? Share!

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