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Haagen Daaz Coconut Gelato (Delicious Food Science Mystery)


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Haagen Daaz Coconut Gelato (Delicious Food Science Mystery)

Lindsay B. | Apr 28, 2002 11:05 PM

I'm very impressed with HD's coconut gelato. I think it's a new flavor, but maybe my corner store is behind the times. I'm not usually a big HD fan, but this stuff is great. It has a strong coconut flavor without being overly sweet. It's got a handsome glossy appearance and dense consistency. The mouthfeel is somewhere between super-creamy and greasy (but in a good way).

I wonder how they get it to taste so rich. According to the nutrition info on the package, it contains 240 calories per half-cup serving. (About the same as a premium vanilla ice cream.) But the coconut gelato manages to taste way richer than the vanilla ice cream and yet contain half as much fat. How do they do that?

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