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Is There a Gypsy (Roma) Cuisine?


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Is There a Gypsy (Roma) Cuisine?

Perilagu Khan | Jan 29, 2010 07:36 AM

There are a couple of Gypsy cookbooks in print, but both have been criticized heavily for failing to enunciate a distinct Gypsy cuisine. Is such an endeavor possible?

I suspect that the Gypsies, much like ethnic Jews, are sufficiently scattered that it is difficult to uncover a core body of recipes and dishes that constitue the heart of the cuisine. Rather, Gypsies, much like Jews, have adapted their food to their locales, wherever they may be.

But perhaps I'm wrong. Do we know of any dishes that have persisted among Gypsies down through the centuries and have been transported, almost without exception, to wherever Gypsies have put down roots?

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