would you guys help me set up my new kitchen?


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would you guys help me set up my new kitchen?

eLizard | Apr 30, 2014 07:08 AM

thanks to you all for all of your advice (cab height, toaster ovens, microwaves, spice storage....). it was so helpful, and i was hoping to ask your help with one more thing. setting up. I have a lot of cabs to work with, and i know that my last kitchen set up wasn't ideal. I can't put my finger on how....was it that there were fewer, which we have remedied? or the size and shape of them, which has improved vastly? or did i just put stuff in stupid places? i'd appreciate all suggestions as to how I should go about deciding what goes where? I think that i may actually be able to fit every single kitchen item i own in my actual kitchen. right now baking stuff is out in the back hallway. linens are in a closet or two, serving stuff is in a dining room cab, and extra dishes and glassware for large events are stored in storage thingies in the basement and in the dining room cab. maybe the cookbooks could even find a home....

all the bottom cabs are drawers except for the corner which is a lazy susan. i have a couple of spice rack pull out thingies built in, too.

i think i'd like all the food to go near the fridge....and then i'd like a baking station in the far left corner by the second oven. put all the pans and kitchen aid and mixing bowls and measuring cups there, and baking ingredients in the cabinet. but i don't know if i should separate that from the rest of the food. and i'd like to have the coffee to the counter to the left of the fridge (counters are coming the day after tomorrow). and the trash can is going in the far right island cab.

how do you set up your kitchens?

Again, i know i've asked more than i've given recently, but i really am grateful for your help.

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