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Five Guys Burgers in Orange, CT


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Five Guys Burgers in Orange, CT

javaandjazz | Oct 22, 2007 02:59 AM

We were at Home Depot in Orange, CT saturday and it was around lunch time and we both were hungry. My coworker has recommended Five Guys in the past to me. It's located in the same parking lot as Home Depot but just across the lot from them next to Workin Gear. To cut a long story shirt we both had burgers and we got an order of the Five Guys fries and the cajun fries. The burgers turned out to be double burgers. You have a choice of all kinds of condiments on them as no extra cost. They were very good. Both of the fries were very good but we ended up eating all of the cajun fries. They weren't spicy hot but they had great flavor. By the time we left the place was jamming and the line was at the door. It's nothing fancy and it's a chain and I know how most of you feel about chains but go and try this place. It's some of the best burgers and fries I have had. Here's the website. Richie

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