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Five Guys Burgers

briansnat | Feb 24, 2010 05:19 AM

Does anybody else here think their burgers are hugely overrated? 4 years ago I was working in Va and my co-workers were raving about 5 Guys. Being a burger fan I had to check it out. Good fries, but I found the burgers to be unimpressive.

Fast forward to today, 5 Guys has been expanding in NJ. They opened one near my place of employment and again my co-workers were going crazy for their burgers. Nearly every day it seems that some of them head over there for lunch.

I also noticed a thread here where someone called their burgers the best in Bergen County.

Thinking maybe I misjudged their burgers years ago, I tried them again yesterday. First thing I noticed was that the cooks had a press that they used on the burgers while they were cooking. Anybody who knows anything about making burgers knows you don't press the burgers while cooking them because you squeeze out the juices and get a dried out burger.

Again I was unimpressed by a dry burger that reminds me of something I'd get at Wendys. What am I missing here? Fries were good though.

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