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pinstripeprincess | Mar 18, 2008 04:50 PM

i'm in japan right now and after hashing out our schedule more with a friend, it turns out we'll actually be in the gunma prefecture quite a bit and specifically in tatebayashi.

anyone have experience out here?

we've run into a nice sweets shop, but my experience is limited so perhaps it's just mediocre. it was a soft tender rice ball filled with sakura hana flavoured paste and i believe it was wrapped in a salted shiso leaf? any other sweets to look for?

checked out the 7-11, a lawson's and some grocery store for the fun of it. grabbed some onigiri and sashimi and oogled all the packaged meals. sausage spaghetti is an odd thing! oden is very aromatic but i'm waiting for a tokyo stall.

Ryujin Syuzo (Ozeno Yukidoke) is a craft beer brewer in the area that seems to be regarded fairly favourably. we got lost hunting down the brewery and then talked to a friend of the friend and re-located the "winery & gallery" where we can taste sakes and buy their beer. we'll be leaving for that shortly.

last night we ate dinner at a tonkatsu restaurant called.. katsu-i-something? wasn't terribly impressed and not exactly sure i like tonkatsu at all now.

slightly concerned that my friend and her friends aren't quite foodie enough and would love some suggestions for places to go!

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