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Guilty Pleasures/Foods and Restaurants You are Embarrassed to Admit that You Like [Moved from W. Canada board]

anewton | Nov 4, 200910:14 AM

I copped this idea for a thread from the Pacific Northwest board--they phrased it slightly differently (places you want to hate but secretly love). Anyway, it makes for interesting reading. No matter how great one's aspirations are to be a 'foodie', I think that each of us enjoys, perhaps secretly, foods and restaurants that are at the far end of the spectrum from gourmet cooking or fine dining.

I'll start.

1) Westernized food court 'Asian' food. Can be utterly terrible, but I'll always have a sweet memory of the ginger beef and rice combos that I frequently dined upon at the University of Calgary food court circa 2002-2003.
2) Italian-American food: Faux Italian that is usually heavy, unhealthy (lots of carbs, salt, and fat), and clumsily prepared. I'll fess up to having infrequent cravings that lead me to join the insane and unjustified lineups at Pagliacci's in Victoria. I usually go for the "Ravioli Paradiso"--spinach and ricotta ravioli tossed with sundried tomatoes, walnuts, and gorgonzola cream. Paired with their very greasy, overly salty bread (all-you-can-eat) and followed up with a dessert chaser--a slice of their leaden NY cheesecake. This kind of dinner will certainly keep companies like Tums and Rolaids in the black.
3) Tex-Mex--Horror of horrors! Restaurants using store-bought wheat flour tortillas, loads of melted generic cheese, and a paltry amount of spice. I've had more than my fair share of Tex-Mex 'combo' dinners, even in recent years (yes, I can be spotted on occasion at 'Cafe Mexico' in Victoria).
4) Ice Cream Chains: Perhaps shouldn't be included here as a lot of people have a fondness for these type of places, but I confess that I cannot go too long without procuring a coffee coffee buzz buzz milkshake at Ben and Jerry's. Ever notice how rare it is for the ma and pa, non-chain gourmet ice cream places to bother with shakes?
5) Annie's Pastas: Basically Kraft Dinner for yuppies. But yep, I like it and I eat it fairly regularly.

Would love to hear confessions from other Western Canada posters. The Pac-NW board discussion was priceless...about 10 people on that board discovered that they have a shared, secret love of Safeway deli fried chicken.

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