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When a guest brings his/her own SALT to a restaurant.

gryphonskeeper | Nov 11, 2009 07:09 PM

Not kidding, I took my family to a very nice upscale bistro for a special get together. My neanderthal brother reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couple paper packs (Like what you get at McDonalds) of SALT, and a plastic baggie of Lawry's seasoned salt!

He was passing it around the table, and asking everyone loudly if they needed "a salt packet or some Lawrys"

I wanted to crawl under the table and slink away. This was not an Olive Garden, this was the highest rated restaurant in my city. :(

Just to note:

This was a very special night for me, my father is terminally ill and has stage 4 cancer, he wanted to go out and celebrate his life with his family... and my knuckle dragger brother (who wore his grime covered work jeans and picked his teeth at the table) embarrassed my dad, who wore a suit to this dinner, one of only 4 times he has donned one since birth. My father raised all of us with very little money, but was very big on manners. I could tell my dad was ashamed of his son's lack of social etiquette, and I did tell my brother softly that he should not have brought the salt, or just kept his mouth shut and sprinkled it on his food on the sly. His response? VERY LOUDLY "Well I don't eat anything without Lawrys and salt, so deal with it."

He kept complaining the entire meal about everything, I think out of spite.

I don't care if my brother wants to ruin a $50 meal that HE pays for, but he was not the buyer, nor was he the celebrant. I don't think I am out of line, but he thinks I should have kept my mouth shut.

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