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The Guardian's great end-of-year rant against the gourmet junk food fad


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The Guardian's great end-of-year rant against the gourmet junk food fad

barberinibee | Dec 29, 2012 10:43 AM

Aptly listed among the Worst Ideas of 2012, the restaurant critic for the Guardian, Marina O'Loughlin, skewers the endless, boring, puerile chatter about pigging out on junk food

"It's not about food snobbery (try that on for size where I come from, and you'll be slapped across the chops with a smoked sausage supper), but I'm becoming literally and metaphorically fed up with the whole "gourmet" fast food movement. Even the drooling terminology is suspect: "dirty", "filth", "food porn", "evil", "sick". Like this is a good thing?

It's not hard to figure out the popularity: ramming a grease-oozing, cheese-dripping, squidgy meatgasm into your face is the gastronomical equivalent of a one-night stand – not at all good for you and makes you feel grubby afterwards but, boy, it works at the time. And these sleazebags are coming tarted up in the Victoria's Secret lingerie of organic, or artisan, or rare breed, fooling us into thinking they're a whole lot classier than they actually are....

Gourmet junk food is easy to blog about. You can have the palate of a navvy and still be able to tell a good burger from a bad one... The whole movement has somehow become shorthand for cool; why, I don't know. It's not as if we're eating like style mavens; we're eating like children."

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