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GTA wedding venue for less than 50 people - Cantonese/Japanese/European

amber_lee | Aug 27, 201703:00 PM     12

This is my first post after a decade of perusing these forums. I'm hoping to hear from Charles Yu on this! Would you still recommend Eagle's Nest?

My fiance and I are looking for a wedding venue with:
1. Easy parking for elders (so not downtown Toronto).
2. Good for photos in natural light, ideally outdoors (we are spoiled with nature in BC).
3. Can accommodate a ceremony (don't want to have to travel from ceremony to reception).
4. Delicious food (my wish but maybe I need to just mourn that now).

His family (who will greatly outnumber mine) has suggested Langdon Hall, which seems like a great full package deal, which is helpful for organizing since we live in Vancouver. However, I'm wondering about the food these days, which is a $6000 minimum, $8000 altogether with the rental. I suggested Envers of Morriston to save on costs (and I was more excited about the food) but perhaps the deck is too casual for a family ceremony? Canoe would also be much cheaper, though maybe not ideal for photos (I'm not that into antlers), and also downtown is not good for parking.

I'm Chinese grew up eating Cantonese village style food. My fiance is Japanese and we both also have European heritage. Our dream was a Chinese/Japanese or fusion catered buffet and keeping it simple and meaningful, but most of the guests prefer more Euro/North American food. I think I found a place that will do a yuzu cake (Sugar Peony), so at least that can represent us a bit more! I called Grand catering and they suggested I call Enville. I'm not stuck on having Asian food, but would like the anticipation of the food to make me smile for the photos.

I was told that, "No one remembers the food on their wedding day for a reason." This does not compute for me, as growing up with Cantonese banquets are some of my best food memories. What do you think, for a pretty venue for ceremony and reception, not downtown, for 50 people, at $8000 or less for venue and food? Non-alcoholic is fine as I really want our guests to drive safe.

Sugar Peony Cake Boutique
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