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Growing to hate Sonic. (Tipping, etc.)


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Growing to hate Sonic. (Tipping, etc.)

ronaldpedwards | May 31, 2011 08:50 AM

I moved to the Dallas area a few years ago and was happy to discover the Sonic franchises having never lived within their areas before. I really enjoy their breakfasts, tater tots and their drinks especially at Happy Hour can be a really great deal with tons of options. However, I now have some concerns which may stop me from going there altogether and wanted to get your thoughts.

Some time back, I noticed that often times as I went to a drive up menu (not the drive thru,) I was often left having to ask for my change back when paying. This happened at more than one location more than one time. I then started doing some research and found out that Sonic does not pay its employees minimum wage. That, in fact, as opposed to other fast food places, their employees are paid similar to waiters/waitresses. Now, what made me most mad about this is that I had no idea and Sonic certainly does not go out of its way to advertise this. To be honest, I was not thrilled with the idea of leaving a tip for fast food, even if they did have to walk/skate 10 feet to my car from the door. (I do not want this topic to run over into a tipping discussion please.) So, rather than get into that issue, I just decided to only order through the drive thru. Unfortunately, I have found this “not wanting to give change” thing seems to encompass the drive thru as well (again, I have experienced this at more than one Sonic.) Now, I don’t consider myself a bad tipper but I do have a problem with tipping someone at the drive thru just as I would not tip if I went into a fast food restaurant and ordered at the counter. I was just not raised to believe this should be done.
Has anyone experienced these issues? Any ideas? I would write to Sonic if I thought it would help but I am currently frustrated and ready to start avoiding them completely.


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