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grower says: 2006 Avocado glut


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grower says: 2006 Avocado glut

toodie jane | Nov 15, 2005 07:43 PM

Found this info in our local paper to be interesting, in light of current high domestic avocado prices.

Giovanni Cavaletto, of Nipomo, (San Luis Obispo county)California is a 3rd generation farmer whose family has been supplying local orchardists with young avocado trees for 30 years. Cavaletto, quoted recently in a newspaper interview, stated that in 2006, California Haas avocados will join those coming from Mexico and Chile to total a record 1 billion pounds of avocados to hit market in 2006. He predicted that avocado prices will plummet. (how the recent storm damage in Florida will impact the overall season harvest is not known)

Cavaletto farms an orchard of 1,000 trees and says his next year's harvest looks to be big. "One advantage San Luis Obispo county [with its mild climate] has is that our fruit can hold over longer, and it's higher in oil content and has better flavor than imported avocados, so the food service industry has been willing to pay for that quality."

I'm hoping the local produce buyers will jump on this opportunity to return to quality avocados after several years of puny, underripe imported fruits, which aren't worth buying, IMO. If you have the ear of a local independent market or produce buyer, urge them to buy higher quality domestic Haas and we'll all reap the benefits of, dare we hope, an avocado GLUT! Then we can all start trading avocado recipes. :)

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