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PeterHG | Aug 13, 2012 05:12 PM

On a number of threads, I've read of my fellow hounds' disappointment with one of their old favorite restaurants combined with their notes that they are doubly sad because they had already stocked up on Groupons for that same establishment.

Does it ever occur to others that the incredibly good Groupon deals are incredibly bad for these restaurants? Maybe the reason the food and service are a touch off is that the owners are struggling? Can good restaurants survive when regular customers--who were previously very happy to pay full price--splurge on buying multiple Groupons? Are "Groupon Hounds" eroding the very spots they claim to cherish?

OK, the restauranteurs are capitalists, and nobody forced them to offer such good deals. But of course their goal was to attract new customers with steep discounts, they didn't plan on reduced revenue from current customers.

As hounds who revere fine food and those who dedicate their lives to bringing it to others, perhaps we should expect a little bit more of ourselves. Take advantage of Groupon when the discount will spur a visit to a new place. But when you know it's gonna be great, show the chef some love. Step up and pay full fare. It's the only way these guys will survive.

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